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Username: TheSunriseFraudsters
Date/Time: Thu, February 28, 2002 at 6:01 PM GMT
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Subject: EasyTech/EasyTech2/SimonSteinle = A Sunrise Fraudster!


      EasyTech/EasyTech2 is Simon Steinle! -------and the point is,

The majority of those who have participated in this forum have done so with the goal of bringing fairness to the .info and .biz domain name launch, a process enveloped in incompetence and fraud. The roles of ICANN, Afilias and Neulevel in this debacle is bad enough but what's worse is when the likes of EasyTech aka Simon Steinle, has the nerve to be continually critical of the process to put it mildly when at the same time he has contributed to the fraud for all intent and purposes by laying claim to a number of generic domain names claiming genuine and valid trademarks!

They have a word for such people HYPOCRITES! although that isn't the only word that comes to mind. I'd call him a no good dirty rat but then again calling him that would be insulting to rats.

EasyTech/Simon is also a registrant and EasyTech on their message board

It doesn't take a PHD to see that Easy Tech, Easy Tech2 and Simon Steinle are one in the same.

goddamnit easytech2 is steinle;3C380EE300001EE0

Username:  crs 
Date/Time:  Sat, January 5, 2002 at 9:02 AM GMT
Browser:  Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 using Windows NT 5.1 
Subject: / simon steinle;3C36C12100001EA0

Here are the list of domains I could find that have been transferred to Sleazy Tech.
How about those Trademarks????????????????

Sunrise Challenges in .info   Listing of all Challenges - Decisions

Case number                          Complainant                         Respondent      Domain             Decision

DINFO2001-00352-0001      Simon Steinle               YesNIC Co., LTD.         Transfer

DINFO2001-00363-0001     Simon Steinle          Mr STEPHEN RUMNEY              Transfer

DINFO2001-00382-0001     Simon Steinle              Gary Mickalson             Transfer

DINFO2001-00383-0001     Simon Steinle            Mr STEPHEN RUMNEY         Transfer

DINFO2001-00388-0001     Simon Steinle               Patrick Nobriga                Transfer

DINFO2001-00394-0001     Simon Steinle                Cass Foster              Transfer

Here are a few posts of Sleazy Hypocrat..

Mr. Garbensee lost some Sunrise Challenge cases!;3C6E4C1000002162

violation of its own rules! Fri, February 15, 2002 at 7:46 PM GMT;3C6D658A0000214B

VeriSign is a sunrise fraudster!;3C5F8E19000020D7

LegalEagle, what about that?;3C56D16200002076

about the challenge;3C6D6C6500002153

The generic domain names registered to EasyTech/Steinle must be made available to landrushers.



Link: Sunrise Challenges in .info Listing of all Challenges - Decisions

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