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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Thu, February 28, 2002 at 9:52 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN asked to post response here.... will they... or don't they take their own forum seriously?


Open copy of letter requesting ICANN explain policy on this issue, so that consumers know they are protected, and so we can take this forum seriously (there's no point having this forum if ICANN won't answer fair questions and offer advice):

Dear Vint,

I've posted a message on the ICANN Public Forum for New TLDs and I feel that there's no point having a public forum in the interests of openness, transparency and accountability unless ICANN is prepared to respond to serious and fairly-expressed questions and engage in dialogue. Otherwise, it gives the impression of evasion and defensiveness, and makes ICANN seem uncaring about honesty and consumer interests.

I wondered if you could either respond to me about the issues posted on the forum (and set out below); or respond at the forum (which would show that ICANN took its own forum seriously); or get one of your colleagues to respond at the forum openly and publicly on behalf of ICANN.

I'd be grateful for this in the interests of public confidence in your organisation, and so that your own forums can be taken seriously. I'm not asking for comments on the specific registrars mentioned, but on ICANN's policy when it is accrediting and advertising Registrars on its own site, if those Registrars are shown to have carried out fraudulent actions in conflict with consumer interests.

I get the impression that ICANN does not see itself as a "policeman" and has a mandate to allow the rough and tumble of a free market, but what is its policy with regard to actively sponsoring companies through accreditation, if they commit fraudulent activity?

With regards

Richard Henderson      


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