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Username: gettingscrewed
Date/Time: Sat, March 2, 2002 at 4:50 AM GMT
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Subject: CEO Says Different ... Not An Idealab


      "I have it from a very reliable source that Chadima went to another Idealab's startup. Realy just a mangement shuffle within Idealab."

You are mistaken.  Check this out from's CEO, after badgering customers demanded an explanation:

" Message Board Fans and Foes:

Sorry for the delay in not responding to your question regarding Steve Chadima that I believe was posted sometime this morning. As you know, we have been the subject of rather vicious and ridiculous attacks on F*****Company over the last few days, so we have been reluctant to weigh in much in order to avoid furthering the string.

As for the substance of your specific question, yes, Steve Chadima no longer works at He left the company on January 9 to pursue other interests. Steve previously had expressed his desire to move on to another startup to do what he does best -- help new exciting companies get launched, similar to what he did for one year ago. We have an excellent ongoing relationship with Steve, and he remains a huge supporter of Please feel free to ask him yourself by emailing Steve at, which he continues to check regularly.

I hope that all of you will appreciate that we, like other private companies, do not make a big public announcement every time an employee leaves the company. We have added to our senior management team in recent months with the addition of John Labbett, a top-flight CFO, and we plan to add another key member in the next couple of weeks. remains very strong, and continues to push ahead pursuing our mission of expanding the availability of more descriptive and useful domain names.

I thank our customers and supporters, and hope that we ultimately will succeed in convincing even our fiercest detractors. We think we can best do this by continuing to build our business, so as to lead by example, and we sometimes will resist the temptation to get down in the mud where some people want to engage. Don't confuse this reluctance to engage in explative-filled debate with lack of resolve, conviction or strength.

David Hernand

It appears customers are getting the ax-handle, you-know-where!


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