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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, March 2, 2002 at 5:01 PM GMT
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Subject: Lauren - a challenge for the Authorities & Lawyers


My opinion of the Internet establishment is well known - and has yet to be refuted. I want one of them to try. So, on this:

The authorities fiddle the rules and laws for the gain of Big Business, to the detriment of people rights. The authorities are made of truly corrupt and dishonest people.

I thought this TLD was OPEN to ANY business - not just trademarks?

This girl was not squatting on Ralph Lauren property - that is a complete and utter LIE.

That is a fabrication of spin - so transparent, that the draught from the wing of a butterfly could easily blow a large hole straight through it.

A gentleman "registered the name for his eight-year-old daughter whose name is Lauren for possible use in some future business, perhaps involving music."

Quite a few trademarks use the name 'Lauren'

Including: Serial Number 75783880

G & S: Non-metal gaskets for industrial, residential and original manufacturer uses, rubber seals, and weather stripping.

As I said, this girl was not squatting on the Ralph Lauren property - that is a complete and utter LIE. Else, had this gasket company got the domain - they would be squatting on it also.

Ralph Lauren are overreaching trademark to claim this Lauren domain as their own.

It would be a lie to say it was - especially when they share the same word with others.

WIPO and the authorities continue to assist Big Business in this criminal deception.

It is criminal act because it is fraudulent - taking domain from the legal owner.

The authorities propaganda: This domain belongs to this trademark in an OPEN gTLD - and that there is no solution make domains unique and totally distinctive, as the LAW requires trademarks to be - so all may use their mark without 'consumer confusion', 'trademark conflict' and 'passing off'.

How can they come out with all this flipping bull* and call themselves honourable people?

UN WIPO, US DOC and ICANN are all thieving scum in the pockets of Big Business.

They know the solution, but keep quite about it - .reg for registered trademarks.

I challenge you - anybody in UN WIPO, US DOC or ICANN fancy a battle of wits about this?

ICANN, what about your rich lawyers - Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue?

I do not expect you do - you are all witless cowards.

You can only bully poor people with threats of legal action if they don't back down. You have no guts for public discussion of your perverted deeds and conduct.


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