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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sun, March 3, 2002 at 12:27 AM GMT
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Subject: STILL Vint Cerf says nothing about all the corruption...


I agree completely with you, John.

ICANN is CONSCIOUSLY presiding over all this corruption. Whether it is 007names or the Yesnic examples (which Vint said he would "take a look at" then he once again fails to enter any dialogue with this forum)... it all points to the same fact:

Unscrupulous registrars can get away with almost anything, because ICANN continue to sanction and accredit them, even if they have been shown to act fraudulently. This gives the clear signal: "do what you like - the consumer doesn't matter"

Notwithstanding there are some honest registrars out there, this is a corrupt industry and it is now being administered in a corrupt way. The DoC subcommittee chaired by Congressman Fred Upton is aware of what's going on, and must also therefore be held accountable.

It is totally clear that corruption is being tolerated.

It is totally clear that ICANN wants to avoid dialogue.

It is totally clear that ICANN is NOT "open and transparent".

They set up this forum, but its all window-dressing : they don't take it seriously, and when very serious and fair-minded issues are raised, what does Vint Cerf say:

"I'll take a look at it"... then silence ... no dialogue... and the corrupt registrars just keep right on trading... with ICANN's blessing... ICANN lists and accredits and advertises them ... and the consumer can be abused or cheated again and again and again...

In what sense is Vint Cerf "the father of the internet"?

He knows exactly what's going on.

But he is evading us all.       


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