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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sun, March 3, 2002 at 1:34 PM GMT
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Subject: I don't know Spot, but why don't ICANN enter into dialogue to answer these points?


It all indicates evasion...

They just never explain, or dialogue, or communicate in a natural human manner...

It's indefensible, they are responsible for a WORLD commodity (administration of the DNS)...

Accountability, transparency, openness are essential...

Continuing serious issues are raised by fair and serious-minded people... and these concerns over fraud and abuse just go unanswered and ignored...

This is corruption in my opinion...

As an ordinary person not associated with the domain industry, just a member of the internet community, I'm shattered and disillusioned by this cynicism...

I repeat: why don't ICANN enter into dialogue, why doesn't Vint Cerf answer sensible questions, why does ICANN evade all these concerns?

I asked Vint Cerf to state ICANN's policy on fraudulent registrars and continuing accreditation... I referred to Yesnic's 200 Sunrise names (many challenged) but I asked him to state the general policy and avoid specific companies...

I e-mailed him and copied the e-mail here on ICANN's own forum...

He replied with a one-liner: "I'll take a look at it." I copied his reply here.

STILL both ICANN and Vint Cerf have evaded the questions and the concerns...


What credibility do they have left with ordinary consumers?

What does it say about how they view their own public forums, which seem to be ignored and treated with contempt?

What message does their inaction send out to corrupt registrars, who have abused the systems, and continue to abuse the systems?

Why have those corrupt registrars not been challenged, even when shown to have acted fraudulently?

How can ICANN recommend these fraudulent companies to consumers and the Internet public through their accreditation?

What is ICANN's answer to these questions (and all the other serious concerns which have been rationally posted on this forum over many months)?

There is no answer.

Just one-liners.

Just window-dressing forums.

Just refusal to enter into reasonable dialogue.

I regard this as indefensible.

I challenge Congressman Fred Upton to address ICANN on these concerns?

What kind of people have "taken possession" of the DNS system, which is a worldwide resource, for use by the whole human community, with VAST potential for good?

What kind of cowards evade, and refuse to answer, and condone abuses, and recommend fraudulent companies?

Why won't ICANN enter into dialogue with people who believe in transparency and identify serious concerns?

I believe in a free world, and open government, and transparent dialogue and communication. Is ICANN just another symptom of a corrupt business culture (like ENRON) which exploits the Free World, but undermines its fundamental principles?

America, the Land of the Free?

I'd like to think so, but I regard ICANN as a shameful and evasive organisation because it shuns the most basic principles of freedom : honesty and openness, accountability and democracy, dialogue and transparency.

The rest of the world deserves a better, a more decent, a more open agency to guard and protect the internet and its community.      


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