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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Sun, March 3, 2002 at 7:31 PM GMT
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Subject: Is it reasonable to expect that, an industry with a world


governing body appointed by the US government will police the conduct of the individuals and corporations to whom it issues licences, in order to provide confidence to consumers that they, the public, will be dealt with honestly and fairly?

At this point in time, six months after the start of the fiasco of the Afilias Ltd. .info Sunrise phase, it appears that the "shell games" of the ICANN approved "flim flam" registrars have the support of those supposedly responsible for the governance of the DNS.

If in this era of consumer rights, experienced domain buyers stear clear of many ICANN approved registrars and inexperienced domain buyers are at risk when dealing with these registrars, what does it say about those currently responsible for DNS governance?

Unless ICANN is prepared to police its rules and impose penalties for abuses by registrar licence holders - then why have ICANN - or why aren't the current principals of ICANN replaced by others who will ensure the governance of the DNS includes protection for consumers rather than protection for licence holders?       


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