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Username: ebiz
Date/Time: Sun, March 3, 2002 at 8:15 PM GMT
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Subject: Agreed - these new TLD launches have to be run by one central body...


     I'd suggest take the power of abuse out of the hands of the 'registrars' and let the 'registry' handle the mess.  We've seen what 60+ rogue registrars will do during the launch of a new TLD - total havoc.

     At least with one central body running the TLD launch (registry or ICANN) it is easier to make them accountable (via court action/etc.) than with 60+ registrars running amuck.  Let the registry handle all the pre-registrations... they can even offer a 'randomized list' of registrars that the pre-registrant can choose from.

     As for the details of how to implement a fair distribution of domains during a pre-registration handled by the registry... well that's another LONG story.

This is total chaos.


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