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Username: arbitrator
Date/Time: Wed, March 6, 2002 at 8:49 AM GMT (Wed, March 6, 2002 at 2:19 PM IST)
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Subject: This man also challenged my client


      this man called greg crane also challenged my client in very important domain name and also threaten with lot of cases mentioned in the challenge can anybody explain these case numbers :

""Please review several other lawsuits regarding the unauthorized use of our
protected trade names. See case # CV2000-004775, case # CIV-99-2175 PHX EHC and
CIV00-0494 PHX RCB, all of which ended in Judgments of $100,000+ each. Also see
cases # CV2001-018340, Case #CV2001-018721, Case #CV2001-018739 and Case
#CV2001-018738 which we have also won. We are yet to loose such a case.  We will
also pay your "Challenger" fees if you drop your claim now.""

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