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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Thu, March 7, 2002 at 9:23 AM GMT
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Subject: To understand


Richard, you do not understand?

To my mind this was simple - this is what I do:

To understand - put yourself in their position.

First - try to imagine that your not honest and honourable person.

On one side (backed by [corrupt] government) - we have Big Business with big money  - on the other, the interests of the "Internet community as a whole" (Articles of Incorporation).

Dishonest and without honour, a prestige job with big wage packet, which side would you pick?

The choice now then is to say nothing, or explain yourself with lies that can be caught out. The Americans call it taking the Fifth Amendment. Pity they care less for peoples Rights to the First.

Sunrise allowed corrupt people to take unfair advantage over others - both those with trademarks and those without - in an 'OPEN' gTLD.

The DNS was not meant as replacement Trademark System (ask creator Paul Mockapetris)- registered trademarks have to show that they are.

Vint said, "The Internet is for everyone" - he obviously sold out.

Listen - hear how loud he protests his innocence.


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