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Username: richard04
Date/Time: Thu, March 7, 2002 at 10:31 PM GMT
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Subject: Stuart Lynn's disdainful insult of this Forum


Stuart Lynn says: "Public Participation. Existing comment forum is largely a joke. (Apologies to those who do use it sensibly.)"

What is a joke is the fact that serious-minded people raise issues of concern, but ICANN evades their questions and refuses to enter into dialogue. You only have to look at recent posts here. ICANN has been asked again and again for responses, and simply fails to respond.

If Stuart Lynn thinks the existing comment forums/fora are a "joke", then let me assure him that ICANN make its own forums a joke by running away from open transparent dialogue and refusing to respond to valid and serious concerns.

If you want a good "joke" then I respectfully invite you to study all the questions posed on this forum and the questions it has recently asked Vint Cerf : serious, fair and reasonable issues... but neither Vint, nor any ICANN representative has responded.

When ICANN treats its public participants with disdain and contempt, maybe it is not the forums that need reform, but the ICANN board.

You may like to add a comment to "The President" on his own forum at:

He deserves to hear from the people that ICANN has repeatedly ignored!

They don't even have the dignity and courtesy answer. There is NO transparency. Reform needs to start with the ICANN board and executive. The internet belongs to the world, not to them. And they fail to protect consumers, they fail to dialogue, they are high-handed and regard those of us who post here as a "joke".       


Link: Where Stuart Lynn says this forum is a "joke"

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