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Username: spot2
Date/Time: Fri, March 8, 2002 at 5:38 PM GMT
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Subject: Don't be fooled


Stuart Lynn's condemnation of this forum has nothing to do with its quality whether now, or in the past. Sure there have been times when there were silly messages, but the silly ones always stick out like a sore thumb and it was always easy to ignore those threads and concentrate on the real issues.

He is merely using it as an excuse to undermine the authority and validity of comments attacking ICANN's blatent corruption. He wishes to downplay the scandalous and embarrassing facts which regulars on this forum have exposed.

And of course he has his own agenda, which not only has nothing whatsoever to do with the public (and hence his open condemnation of this forum) but is merely concerned with further empowering ICANN and stepping it up to an international political body. Yes Lynn is ambitious and probably aware that ICANN's days are numbered in its present form. Like a board of directors who will say and do anything to shareholders to hang onto their jobs, he is of course only interested in his own and his fellow directors positions.

The course of action they are persuing has no consideration for the public or right and wrong. Their agenda only encompasses their own empowerment and the orders being given to them by the network of corrupt people who put them there and pull their strings.

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