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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Sun, March 10, 2002 at 5:10 AM GMT
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Subject: I will give you my theory Richard why Eric grabbed 61 .info


Sunrise names - because he guessed that given the company he was keeping, he would have to be quick if he was to have a chance at any of the best names, so falsified TM registration details in order to take advantage of the "after the event- dumbass" ICANN/Afilias Ltd. IP protection safeguards.

The fact that so many registrars were playing fast and loose with the ICANN/Afilias Ltd. rules which are supposed to govern them, it makes me think that they had no fear of penalties from Afilias and ICANN and didn't think anyone else would notice, didn't expect to be caught out, and didn't expect to have to give up their names in the challenge process.

Are the flim flam registrars just dumb, or as insiders, were they led to believe that they could do what they liked - at the expense of the original Landrushers?

One way or another, it looks to me that with seemingly rare exceptions, the DNS is being "managed" by incompetants and operated by scam artists.

I don't see there being any chance of integrity, accountability and transparency until those who brought us the fiascos of the .info and .biz launches are chucked out of the business - that includes the committee men and women with responsibility for the conduct of the ICANN mandarins Stuart and Vint.



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