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Username: moler
Date/Time: Sun, March 10, 2002 at 6:05 AM GMT
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Subject: The Afghan trademark loophole must STOP for all future Sunrises


      I think it is time to encourage all developed nations to provide online trademark checks in their native language and also one for the internet community in the chosen international language of commerce - English.

Future sunrise applicants should only be able to SUBMIT trademarks that can be viewed on public domain.

To assume that Bora Bora island trademarks carry the same stringent approval validity and standards for international commerce as that of say USPTO is fundamentally flawed and totally lacking in responsibility to honest applicants.

Look at what happened in the YESNIC case. I agree with antipathy that many registrars were hoping they could somehow get away with misrepresentation being part of the insider crowd. They were CAUGHT OUT by the internet public, and now the CREDIBILITY of Afilias has been tarnished by thoughts of insider trading and corruption at its highest.

Is this what the internet community deserves???


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