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Username: moler
Date/Time: Sun, March 10, 2002 at 8:07 AM GMT
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Subject: The role of ccTLDs and trademarks


      Local country laws serve to handle trademarks registered locally. Aren't ccTLDs supposed to assist in that area?

Any company in the world can apply to register with USPTO. I did, and I am not even a company. So can any Bora Bora company - if they are serious about using a worldwide channel to communicate their wares to a worldwide audience.

My point is that there should be equitability in standards for trademarks being submitted as 'qualifiers' (read "first advantage to grab a name")for the sunrise period of gTLDs.

This is not about prejudice. It's about a fair chance for everyone who thinks they deserve the first shot at a gTLD. It's about preventing fraud, and hucksters, and gaming and cheating and manipulation of trademark use in the sunrise.

The domain game is played by very unprincipled people out there who will do whatever it takes to gain a business advantage to the detriment of the rest of ordinary netizens. Lie, cheat, misrepresent, inside gaming, sloppy quality filters by the registry, you name it, its all there. The .info sunrise has underlined the need for tough rules, most people will be able to appreciate that, except the gamers.

If it means charging a hefty admin fee for sunrise to allow for necessary checks, then let that be the cost by the registry of doing business. Better high sunrise fees than fraud and corruption.



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