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Username: Ouch!
Date/Time: Mon, March 11, 2002 at 2:09 AM GMT
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Subject: TLD Launches VS Landrushes


      Why weren't the .info & .biz launches handled by the Afilias & Neulevel alone?
      There's no reasonable answer apart from the fact that the way they did it allowed for a much deeper and more satisfying level of TOTALLY PLANNED corruption.

      Various of the more speculation-excited amongst this forum seem to love the "landrush" concept.

      The whole idea of a "landrush" is Wild Western Bullshit. (BTW: The actual "landrushes" of history have all been scenarios where the corrupt "administrators" {qv registrars} of 'new' lands have made heaps of money, generally conning simpletons into stealing land from the original inhabitants)

      How to avoid a landrush:

Initial phase: (PRIMARY registry controlled)

1) Certain names in potentially 'useful' spaces like .info are restricted to entities with valid (non-TM) claims to them. (IE: Country names to federal governments, localities to local governments, tourist icons to tourism assns, generics to long-standing non-profit organizations, trade associations etc).

2) Contentious names in 'corporate/services' spaces like .biz are restricted to entities with earliest valid and applicable TM claim. WIPO supervison to be AUDITED (not by Arthur Andersen)

3) Remaining high profile names are auctioned using open and accountable AUDITED system.

General phase:

Free-for-all (from registrars if desired, but all a registrar does is resell something at an inflated price - the only reason Awfullius didnt deal direct was to muddy the waters of corruption).

PS: My scheme wont work - It'll never 'appen - Its not corrupt!


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