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Username: waldospice
Date/Time: Mon, March 11, 2002 at 4:20 AM GMT
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Subject: POTENTIAL LIABILITY WARNING:  the .pro registration system


                                      In looking for a domain name, I landed here to learn more about the .pro TLD-extension.  Upon reviewing the appendicies to TLD agreement, I note that the .pro extension registration includes an screening process that includes bar associations for attorneys as well as medical liscensing associations.  My concern is this: these organizations do not define their industries.  In my home state of Washington, for example, recent legislation allows qualified paralegals to handle certain and specific family law matters despite the fact the paralegal may or may not be registered with a bar association.  Paralegals are typically certified through the National Association of Legal Assistants.  This same situation occurs with Registered Nurse-Assisted Physicians.  Additionally, in Washington State, a person can become a lawyer recognized by the bar association without ever going to law school, though no other state may recognized may recognize that attorney.  Further, it appears as if doctors and lawyers who are registered with within foreign countries associations though not formally recognized in the US will also be excluded.  If they are not, then what if a foreign-recognized though not US recognized lawyer or doctor comes to the US. Will they be denied or allowed the .pro desigation? Essentially, my main question is this: are you begging for a lawsuit?  You are dealing with two complex and litigious fields.  Doctors and lawyers consider themselves legal and healthcare professionals just as much as counselors, nurses, and paralegals do.  Moreover, if a person contacts a professional from these sites, expects a certain level of professionlism because of your requirements, and malpractice occurs, there is a liability question that you will have to consider.  Therefore, I highly recommend dropping the either the process or the .pro extension altogether. 


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