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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Mon, March 11, 2002 at 10:56 PM GMT
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Subject: hijacking .info registrars - more a plague than a pestilence


You are being very charitable Richard when you describe the "unscrupulous" registrars in the .info launch as "a pestilence".

I think the term "plague" would also apply.

You refer to the TM faking by registrars in the .info Sunrise, but any one planning to throw good money after bad by participating in the .info Landrush 2 should not forget Mustard Seed eCommerce/007Names and what they appeared to have done in the .info Landrush 1.

Using the 007Names' registrar licence, Mustard Seed eCommerce appears to have cueued only their own applications and no one elses in the .info Landrush 1.

As ICANN and Afilias Ltd. don't seem to give a damn what scams their accredited registrars perform, were I planning involvement in Landrush 2, I would be worried that I would have the same chance of registering the names I wanted in Landrush 2 against the likes of Mustard Seed eCommerce/007Names that I had in Landrush 1 - next to zero.

My guess is that under the watchful, ethical and accountable eyes of ICANN and Afilias, the scamsters of the .info launch will be back in full swing in the Landrush 2.

Short, one-name-once-only cueues will again be the key to success in Landrush 2, but what chance does the avarage Jack and Jill have against "unscrupulous" registrars who apparently, without fear of censure or penalty by ICANN or Afilias, can manipulate cueues to their advantage.


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