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Username: Christian Castresana
Date/Time: Wed, March 13, 2002 at 10:43 PM GMT
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Subject: The big companies are not using the .info


         Good luck with your initiative DotInfoLink.
By the way to all the others in the forum, here you have some interesting .info sites I have found:

To find more site you only have to go to the .info Directory that is live in Every day I am adding new sites to the directory. The submission of new sites is free and I do not oblige anybody to include a link to my directory in their page. Obligations are never good. The only thing I ask you is to help me with this difficult task. You can suggest me your own sites or sites you have discovered surfing (if you have been lucky enough to find anyone). I would say that the better way now not to be found is to have a .info site. First, now body seems to know this domain, and second, now body seems to be including their sites in the major search engines. I think we have still a long way to go.

We are with the .info at the same point the Internet was back in 1991. The bigger problem is that so far I have not found a single well known company that uses at all their .info domains. And I do not consider that using a .info domain is to forward it to an old .com, .net or .org site.

To reach the directory you have to options:          (faster)

Suggestions of new sites are welcome at: I have to say that for the moment I have only receive to emails with suggestions, but I am sure that the collaboration will be a lot better from now on.

Thank you a lot for your help.

Christian Castresana


Link: .info Directory

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