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Username: DotInfoLink
Date/Time: Thu, March 14, 2002 at 2:24 PM GMT
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Subject: DotInfoSearchEngine indexes 1000 sites and counting... but how are we going to network?



Firstly thanks for everyone's help and recent submissions. In particular Gregory who discussed the idea at length before anyone else and Domebase who clearly has put in enormous effort in compiling a list of sites. And good luck to and We all have a common goal.

I got involved in this initially because I have a lot of experience in building online databases, and believe that although the number of live .info sites is a tiny in percentage terms, collectively they undoubtedly form a significant aggregate figure.

The problem is that .info sites are so dispersed among all the other domains that finding one while you surf is a very rare pleasure. So it seemed like a solution to try and get them all connected.

So my proposition was to insist on a link back to for inclusion in DotInfoSearchEngine. Yes this gets links to my site but it also means that people can find thousands of other .info sites as soon as they find just one of them, and this is an important point, as most people are not finding any.

However, DotInfoSearchEngine may be at risk of not being as good as it could be if lots of people are unwilling to link back and their sites were not accepted into the search engine database. So I've just decided to spider a load of sites anyway, but will not spider any more until people have given their advice.

It would be great to get some feedback on this issue. Should links back be mandatory? This would benefit the whole .info community, as when you've found one .info, you've found them all. Or should a link back not be mandatory, and let each .info battle it out alone amongst all the other domains?


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