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Username: Christian Castresana
Date/Time: Fri, March 15, 2002 at 9:41 AM GMT
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Subject: Mandatory is never good


I think mandatory is never good, even if in some cases to make possible the live in this crazy world we have to make impositions. But I do not think that will work in info sites. Firstly, because the people owning info sites what they want, like anybody, is freedom of movement. Second because they are looking for the better place where they could be found by others, and making it mandatory will mean that you will be missing out many interesting sites, and so your directory wont look so attractive for them. In fact, I am thinking about the better ones, those sites about big companies o medias that are still not active but soon will be. It is very unlikely that they will accept this kind of impositions.

My point of view is that until .info will not became the reference to find information on any subject, people will still go to major .info search engines and directories to find sites. We have to remember that users does not care at all about which is the extension of the site they are visiting, what they want is to find the better information in the quicker way possible.

But still, your idea have to proof it validity by its own. Users will be the real judgement for you and may be you will find that, in fact, it was a great idea to make it mandatory, so follow your intuitions as much as possible, but listen always to the users. They decide what anything finally is.

It won't be a bad idea, following your point, if you will introduce links in your home page to the other info directories that are already live or that will soon be, like those directories are doing already with you ( and 411directory will be also soon live and I suppose will also do the same.

To finish, I have to tell to all of you that I am sorting all the addresses from DomeBase into my directory categories (1000 thanks to him), a major update is expected  next week. Also, I have introduced in the directory a recompilation of all the commentaries that are appearing in this forum about .info directories since de beginning, son any body would be able to find out the whole information without having to go checking all the messages in the forum. The direct address those news is:

Good luck with your project DoInfoSearchEngine, it is very well done.

Christian Castresana (.info Directory)
Barcelona (Spain)

(Sorry if the is any spelling or sentence construction  mistakes, I am Spanish.) 



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