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Username: tomstersNY
Date/Time: Fri, March 15, 2002 at 4:46 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Dotinfosearchengine - some suggestions


        Great site. I think in order to get the widest variety of sites in your engine, you should not require a link back. At least not now with there being so relatively few info sites in existence.

One thing you could do however to really encourage recip linking is to create a spiderable "link partners" page right from the index and list in basic html, no script database stuff, the info sites that have linked back to you. A simple fixed list of sites like on domebase. Except yours will be much much smaller as it will only have sites that link back. So it shouldn't be too much work - at least I think it wouldn't be but maybe im wrong.

This would create a very good incentive to link back to you. So you could leave it voluntary - every info site that submits  gets in the engine, but sites that link back are in the engine and have an easily spiderable link pointing back at them on that link partners page and have the extra exposure. I don't know if all search engines spiders that will spider your site can easily get the link content info from your setup now. Of course, the main thrust of your page is that it offers exposure in the form of people looking up stuff and finding sites. But this extra twist could really bring the links pointing back at you in.

So this way you also contribute to peoples rank in addition to giving them exposure. I know if you do this I will link back to you ( like I have with domebase.

Another thing is add metatags - especially description and keyword metatags. Also add a little paragraph of text on your front page - maybe under or above those three buttons -  spiders love a little relevant text. Shape it around your target keywords and phrases (which should be few). Maybe it could explain your mission a little, function, purpose or offer some info beyond what those buttons say. It will help your rank tremendously. Also add relevant "alt" text to the bottoms and images on your site.

Lastly, include a text link link-back option. Maybe you offer that but I didnt see it. Text links are very good for se's spiders to follow. Make the text of your link reflect the target keywords of your site. Se's like google love that.

Anyway, just a few thoughts on what you could do. There are lots of things you could do.

Good efforts here with promoting info.

Info imo is taking off in a very slow but very strong way and probably will really explode once the stolen names are redistributed.

Here in NY, the info extension is already known thanks to the efforts of the mta, the metropolitan transportation authority. The mta was using a very long url and there are reasons for people here in NY to use public sites heavier than normal, but you don't go from 200,000 to 2-3 million hits a month without making some sort of impression or without having offered a url with  good basic rememberabilty. The mta has really begun to push ads of it in the last month. I think they were so blown away by the increase in viewership with little advertising of the that they want to see what happens when they do actually advertise it.

Info will just take a little time. The extension itself has all it needs imo.

Good luck!


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