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Username: Richard04
Date/Time: Fri, March 15, 2002 at 8:36 PM GMT
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Subject: Stuart Lynn - guilty of arbitrary and non-democratic management?


Repeated actions by ICANN...

Its failure to intervene to remedy the .info Sunrise fiasco
Its failure to address fraud committed against consumers
Its failure to enter into dialogue on matters of serious concern
Its continued accreditation of fraudulent registrars
Its decision (under Stuart Lynn's new reforms) to remove democratic accountability

All these things highlight the ARBITRARY non-accountable direction in which Stuart Lynn wants to take ICANN (in my opinion).

It is time to draw further attention of Congressmen like Fred Upton to the details of ICANN's drift toward arbitrary management of a worldwide resource...

I think it's time sites like www.FredUpton were made live, and Stuart Lynn is called fully to account

His latest proposals fly in the face of the wishes of the Internet community at large, and undermine the US government's desire to make ICANN publicly accountable, democratic, open...

There's been no real openness for months... just evasion of fair and serious issues and concerns... and the arbitrary execution of policies that protect, promote and advertise fraudulent companies, but fail hopelessly to protect the consumer.

The US government should bow its head in shame if it allows this state of affairs to continue...

Stuart Lynn should not be allowed to continue his arbitrary, non-responsive management of the DNS... he must reverse his proposed reforms or he must go!       


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