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Username: richard04
Date/Time: Sat, March 16, 2002 at 8:03 PM GMT
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Subject: This Forum Is An Active and Vital Part of the ICANN Community...


...speaking for the Internet public at large, and raising important and serious issues which contribute to openness, transparency and accountability

...for Stuart Lynn to dismiss it as "a joke" is classic marginalisation of those whose comments you fear

...if ICANN genuinely want public participation, this forum community must be addressed and involved

...the figures of messages sent to ICANN's various forums speak for themselves:

.info country names: .....9
Internationalized domain names: .....159
New TLD evaluation: .....42
Presidents report: .....22
Reassignment of .org: .....10
Registrar data escrow: .....6
Review of DNSO: .....102
Transfers between registrars: .....225
Off topic forum: .....165
New TLD agreements: .....7112

And what has the ICANN executive contributed to this most active of their forums? Have they participated? Have they answered questions? Have they responded to concerns? Have they engaged in dialogue?


They have shunned and ignored this forum. They talk about the need for public involvement, but they're just engaged in window-dressing.

This Forum is an active and vital part of the ICANN community. Vital, because public opinion matters, and accountability is greatly needed.

Someone has to speak up for the consumer!

Keep this forum open.       


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