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Username: richard04
Date/Time: Sun, March 17, 2002 at 3:06 PM GMT
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Subject: And on August 3rd 2001 Kelly Jones highlighted the Afilias shambles so well


Here on this forum, Kelly Jones posted a message on August 3rd 2001 which listed many examples of fake Sunrise registrations from the WHOIS, with this clear summary:

"How can we be expected to spend nearly $300 to fight bogus registrations? Doesn't afilias check the tms? Do they create a bogus system so they can force people to spend even more money to challenge a registration (which can't be gotten by the challenger anyway) when it is afilias sunrise system that causes this problem in the first place? This is disgusting. I hope Icann steps in and either straightens this out or picks a more responsible registry. This is fraud!"

It is the Afilias Sunrise system that causes the problem in the first place... I hope ICANN steps in

She summed it up so well way back then! But did ICANN step in? NO - they were the ones who set up the contract, they were the ones who presided over the shambles and the fraud.

But let NO-ONE say that Afilias couldn't have done anything about it. They knew about it (because this forum told them, right from the beginning). They were shown a remedy (the excellent Domebase proposal).

And ICANN knew all this as well.

But to Stuart Lynn, this forum is "a joke" : unbelievable!



Link: Kelly Jones clear warning and clear analysis

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