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Username: moler
Date/Time: Sun, March 17, 2002 at 6:20 PM GMT
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Subject: Slimy rapids - Neulevel case study 1



Neulevel response to the Directi get rich scheme. You will note Neulevel's bitter tone in all this after the Smiley case i.e we had a better approach, but Smiley ****ed us up... so now let the registrants paid through their nose to schemers, we don't care...

      When NeuLevel started the .biz process in May 2001, one of the considerations that had motivated it to structure the process in its initial format was to avoid situations where individuals or organization would abuse the process to their advantage.
Unfortnately, NeuLevel's initial approach was challenged, and as a result, we have resorted to the current process that is acceptable from a legal perspective, but open to all kinds of abuse that NeuLevel has no control over. All we can do at this point is advise all .biz customers to exercise caution and prudence in deciding what is best for them.

DirectI applied for the domain names in question, just like everybody else, received Notification of IP Conflict emails, which contained the IP Claim information, and are now using that IP Claim information to contact IP Claimants with a promise of assistance. It is NeuLevel's understanding that what DirectI is doing is within legal bounds, and so there is nothing that NeuLevel can do to stop them from doing it.

Therefore, if you want our opinion, it is that NeuLevel does not endorse DirectI's approach. However, NeuLevel has no legal basis to prohibit DirectI or any other party from doing what they are doing.

Best Regards,

NeuLevel Support


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