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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Wed, March 14, 2001 at 5:07 PM GMT
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You said: "Nothing in life is free."

Resp: Well, the best things in life really are free, but I won't get into that here. I never said that life was free, nor do I think it should be. But you are wrong in saying that NOTHING in life is free. I gave you multiple examples which represent a small fraction of some incredibly valuable resources that ARE free, widely used, and growing momentum.

You said: "Free technology rarely survives over any period of time."

Resp: All of the technologies that I mentioned in my previous thread have been around for years now, are growing in popularity, have proven themselves more reliable and stable than Microsoft's and are more widly use in many circumstances.

You Said: "Not everyone has phones.  Not everyone has cars.  Not everyone has enough food."

Resp: "You are right. All the things you mention require a high investment in disign, manufacturing, and distributing. The average person doesn't stand a chance. Even food, and the global distribution of it, requires a huge investment in the infrastructure necessary to design, build and distribute the equipment used in that industry. The internet is a COMPLETELY different paradigm. Physical and virtual products can go from manufacturer to customer in most cases"

You said: "Why should the internet be anything different?"

Resp: Because the Internet IS vastly different.

You said: "The internet, now that it is no longer government funded, should be a for-pay service -- just like everything else in life."

Resp: Why? Anybody with a brain and the drive can learn how to manipulate data over the Internet using freely available resources. They can find everything they need to know somewhere on the net for free. They can build their services on infrastructure that is mainly free.

You said: "I am sure your opinion differs and I respect it."

Resp: Yes, our opinions do differ and I respect others opinions. I am not dispersing insults when I say, "you are misinformed".

Chris Grady


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