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Username: mr800king
Date/Time: Sun, April 1, 2001 at 4:55 PM GMT
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Subject: Is Afternic auctioning off STOLEN and HIJACKED domains?


        This is an open letter I have sent to and posted at Afternic. Revisions?? They need to fix the security holes FIRST!!

On February 27th, I bought at the auction. I paid in excess of $60,000 for this domain and Afternic, your escrow agent and handled the entire transaction. I would hope you are familiar with this.

When I tried to pay for the extended payment of 10 years I kept having a problem that (Your parent company) kept saying was fixed but was not. I also started hearing rumors of Afternics involvement in selling stolen domains. Then I heard about someone that spent $5,000 at your auction and then lost the domain after the transaction was completed. Afternic has not answered his emails from my understanding or just sends a form reply.

Afternic seems very cavalier in trafficking in stolen domains. The fact that Afternic handled the entire transaction with your escrow agent and then your parent company registered it in my name only to take it away from me 3 weeks later with NO notification, NO reason, NO explanation, No nothing, shows a TOTAL DISREGARD for your customer and NEGLIGENCE on the part of ALL your companies that boarder criminal activity. As of this moment I STILL have no OFFICIAL word and can only speculate like others are. The rumors are flying and it is caused because of the lack of communication with me and everyone at the Afternic community. Seems you can feature "Notable posts" but ignore serious issues.

Afternic heavily promoted these domains by featuring them on your home page. You did this with several other domains even AFTER you had reason to believe that they might be stolen. Turning a blind eye does not relieve you of responsibility. Quite the opposite…..It proves negligence and Afternic’s reputation is turning into the “Chop shop for domains.” Imagine a car dealer selling stolen cars! How long would the dealer stay in business if everyone knows that they sell stolen cars?

Matter of fact, as of this writing I have heard NOTHING from any party involved. You guys made your fees and it seems meaningless to Afternic and that I was hoodwinked out of $60,000 and YOUR COMPANIES profited from that transaction.

Would you care to clarify Afternic’s position in regards to this matter? I would like something not pulled out of your self serving disclaimers. Something perhaps genuine that shows an understanding of the seriousness of this matter.

I am perhaps the #1 buyer and developer of .com domains in the world. I own a total of 3500 domain names headquartered at I buy them from individuals, companies, auctions like ebay, afternic, etc. So far I have spent millions of dollars obtaining these domains. My purchases include such notables as,,,,,,,, and most recently I am also president of which is a watchdog group that is forming to alert the public about stolen and hijacked domains along with other issues important to domain owners.

Your immediate reply would be appreciated. If I do not get a quick response from this URGENT matter I will have my attorney, Howard Neu, institute legal proceeding that will make this private matter a very public one. I believe the entire credibility of your company is at stake. How you handle this issue may determine the future of Afternic.

I know this is a pretty hard hitting letter, but what would you do if you were swindled out of $60,000 and a prime domain that you bought at Afternic?? Would you just lay down? Especially when on your site you CLAIM,“The only safe way to buy and sell domains.” So I ask.....what would you do??


Rick Schwartz
User: Mr800king

CC: Howard Neu


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