Comments on the Evaluation of the .org Propsals

On 22 April 2002, ICANN launched an open and transparent bid solicitation and evaluation process for proposals to assume responsibility for operating the .org top-level domain after the expiration of the current registry agreement with VeriSign, Inc., on 1 January 2003. Eleven proposals were received and evaluated. On 19 August 2002, the ICANN staff posted a preliminary report on the evaluation, which is now open for public comment. Comments on the preliminary report that are received by 29 August 2002 will be considered in finalizing the report; a final report is scheduled to be posted on 5 September 2002. The ICANN Board is scheduled to consider the proposals in late September 2002.

Comments on the draft report (and on the finalized report when it is issued) should be made by e-mail to <org-eval@icann.org>. Comments received will be sorted and posted in the categories shown below.

Page Updated 27-Sep-2002
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