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Date/Time: Mon, July 15, 2002 at 10:24 PM GMT
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Subject: The DotOrg Foundation and Independent Sector


        July 15, 2002

Dear ICANN Board Member:

While INDEPENDENT SECTOR has not and will not endorse any specific overall proposal, we are writing to support concepts from the DotOrg Foundation's proposal to operate the .org registry that we believe will benefit the non-commercial community and their use of the Internet as a way to reach out to stakeholders and fulfill organizational missions.  In general, INDEPENDENT SECTOR supports the idea of involving the nonprofit sector in future decision making about the .org registry.  We also support focusing the .org domain on noncommercial activities and discouraging an increase in the activities of commercial entities.

The DotOrg Foundation intends to fulfill these principles by:

* Supporting and fostering the participation of the non-commercial sector on the Internet, particularly by facilitating them obtain .org top level domain names.
* Implementing validation systems to enhance the level of confidence of Internet users when visiting a .org, nonprofit, or non-commercial website.
* Creating a DotOrg Directory that will contain information about .org non-commercial registrants beyond the information currently collected by the WhoIs system.
* Increasing the use of .org by non-commercial organizations, particularly those in developing countries and under-served communities.
* Enhancing the global dialogue among the non-commercial community and supporting their understanding of and meaningful participation in the domain name system and ICANN.
* Creating a governance structure with both a board of directors and advisory council that includes large representation of nonprofit organizations and other elements of the non-commercial sector.

INDEPENDENT SECTOR is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, strengthen, and advance the nonprofit and philanthropic community to foster private initiative for the public good. Independent Sector provides a major meeting ground for organizations in the nonprofit sector and a force for advancing the nonprofit and philanthropic community's work. Our vision is a just and inclusive society of active citizens, vibrant communities, effective institutions, and a healthy democracy.  Given the central role the Internet increasingly plays in fulfilling our mission and in the day to day activity of our member organizations, INDEPENDENT SECTOR believes it is important for the non-commercial community and the users of .org to have a means to participate in decisions that have an affect on what is essentially the "non-commercial Internet."

We believe these mechanisms, especially the .org directory and validation system, will ensure that the .org registry is operated in a way that is responsive to the needs, concerns and views of the global nonprofit and philanthropic Internet community.


Peter Shiras
Senior Vice President for Programs


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