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Username: UIA / Diversitas
Date/Time: Thu, July 18, 2002 at 11:51 AM GMT
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Subject: Public copy of letter to ICANN from UIA / Diversitas


From: Union of International Associations (UIA)
To: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

16th July 2002

Dear ICANN Board members and CEO,

Thank you for the opportunity to present the UIA / Diversitas bid on .org to the Board and broader ICANN community during your meeting in Bucharest.

We believe that our proposal represents the best "front end" (offering the most knowledge and understanding of the global civil society) and the best "back end" through a transitional subcontracting relationship with VeriSign Global Registry Services (offering Internet users the highest operational stability and best technical solution for transition of the .org operator).

Our one-pager summarizing the main benefits of our bid can be found at  In addition, we have encapsulated how the Diversitas proposal responds directly to the ICANN selection criteria and how it benefits the various Internet stakeholders at

A few points we want to emphasize:

1. Unique qualifications and standing of UIA
Through our explicit statutory commitment as a non-profit over the past century we have demonstrated deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the rich diversity of the non-commercial organization sector.  Our financially self-sustaining registry activity has been mandated at the highest international level (UN/ECOSOC Resolution 334B XI, 20 July 1950).  This authorized role results in consultative relationships with many specialized UN agencies, which also have network subscriptions to the registry.

2. Technical competence and differentiation of .org
We maintain databases on international civil society exceeding 1.5 million registry objects (entities and links).  We maintain "very thick" data profiles (each up to 64K) on around 40,000 international organizations, 10,080 of which have .org domains.  This is over 10 percent of the .org domains that are currently in active use (*).  We are convinced, therefore, that we already know .org better than anyone and are the best positioned to make the .org domain more distinctive and valuable to the civil society.

3. Level of support
We have received a broad range of very specific letters exemplifying support for our bid from organization partners ranging from the International Development Research Centre (a Crown Corporation owned by the Government of Canada "with a mandate to help the developing regions of the world promote their economic and social development through research") to data partners such as the London School of Economics' Centre for Civil Society and UNEP's data managers (WCMC and GRID Arendal).  However, we also believe that the pattern of implicit support for our activities through our regular communications with thousands of non-profits globally is an even more telling indicator of how we are viewed as a respected "honest broker" of information for these entities.  Unique amongst the bidders, our journal Transnational Associations has for 50 years provided a forum for civil society perspectives.

As a contribution to future bids of this kind, we are sure that the ICANN Board is sensitive to ensuring the public perception of a fair and transparent process by disclosing both the weighting assigned to the selection criteria and its views on the strengths and weaknesses of the various bids.

We look forward to answering any questions you might have, and working together to better serve the rich diversity of the non-commercial community, both current users of the internet and the even larger number of future users.

Yours sincerely

Anthony Judge
Assistant Secretary-General and Director of Communications and Research
Union of International Associations (UIA) / Diversitas

* According to research reported at, and



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