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Username: ITIA
Date/Time: Thu, July 18, 2002 at 5:56 PM GMT
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Subject: Support


    Dear Sirs,

We the under signed IT & Internet Association Lebanon express our support for the DotOrg Foundation's proposal to:

- Operate the .org registry to high standards of reliability and security;
- Support and foster the participation of the non-commercial sector on the Internet, particularly by facilitating their obtaining of domain names the .org top level domain [TLD];
- Provide solutions that increase the Internet as a secure and reliable place for non-commercial entities, including for non-profit organizations arould the World to engage in on-line philanthropy;
- Advance an environment in which Internet users World wide may easily and securely gain access to the .org website domain name registry and supporting authenticatio/validation information - thus ensuring greater confidence when interacting with websites among doners, participants, members, etc....,
- Increase the use of .org by non-commercial organizations, particularly those in developing countries and under-served communities.
- Enhance the Global Dialogue among the non-commercial activity and supporting their understanding of an meaningful participation in the domain name system and the Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers [ICANN]; and,
- Support the utilization of the Internet's tools by the non-commercial sectors in under-served Regions around the World.

We, the IT & Internet Association Lebanon are further encouraged the by DotOrg Foundation's intent to act as a convener for the community and as a platform for ideas to be examined and disseminated to the .org community, particularly non-commercial entities, by:

* Creating mechanisms to elicit non-commercial dialogue;
* Listening to and understanding the non-commercial community's and concerns and building an engaged and participatory constituency;
* Creating governance structures that allow for participation by members of the .org community, particularly non-commercial registrants  and,
* Providing for transparency in meetings and decision-making processes.

Sincerely yours
IT & Internet Association Lebanon

Dr Salah A. Rustum


Khorafy Bldg L2
Clemenceau Street
RL-2022 6404 Beirut

Date, Beirut, JUL 18/2002    


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