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Username: Peter Barron
Date/Time: Sat, July 20, 2002 at 8:49 PM GMT (Sat, July 20, 2002 at 3:49 PM EST)
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Score: 5
Subject: Being up and running is no advantage


ICANN made it very clear in November 2000 that being up and running does not constitute an advantage. Image Online Design had been up and running for over 4 years at that point, and were soundly rejected. ICANN specifically rejected any benefits of being up and running.

Should ICANN take that into account now, it will be a clear sign that the treatment of IOD was deliberately biased. On the other hand, I believe we have all the evidence of that already.

I, for one, would not be claiming anything such as being up and running as an advantage right now. You might be branded an alternative root, or a .ORG squatter!


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