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Username: malamud
Date/Time: Sun, July 28, 2002 at 4:23 PM GMT
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Subject: Financial Information for the IMS/ISC Bid


Dear Shelton:

IMS/ISC agree with your assumptions about significant startup costs, a declining market, and the potential for unforseen costs.  You will see in our attanched financial statements that we have taken these factors into account.  I would note that ours is the only bid that published cost estimates, market growth assumptions, and projected cash flow over the 5-year term. 

Many of the applicants have definitely overestimated the revenue picture for the .org registry.  If you examine our forecasts in sections 2.3/2.4 of the Condolidated Financials, you will see our revenue model builds in very steep declines in price and a registry size that reaches a minimum of 1.7 million names.  In addition, you will see in the sections on capital expense, operating expense, and cash flow analysis, that we project a 37% average gross margin and maintain a $500,000 minimum operating reserve, so we believe we are protected against even steeper declines in revenue or unforseen expenses.

Let me respond to your specific questions:

a. I'd like each bidder to identify the funds that they are relying on for the transition. Do you have money in the bank set aside or are you relying on the third party partners or money from capital markets for the transition?

Answer: Please see the Joint Statement of Authority submitted with our bid, which is at  As you see, we have a binding commitment for capital, and anticipate using $1.65 million of our $2.5 million line of credit for startup costs, leaving a substantial cushion for unforeseen delays in revenue, or increased expenses.

b. To what extent does your financing for the transition depend on timely receipt of all or part of the Verisign endowment? What are your plans for alternative financing if a dispute or a delay arises in the transfer of those funds?

Answer: Our financing plan does not depend on any of the VeriSign endowment.

c. Are you financially prepared to deal with unforeseen costs that might arise in the transition, particularly those related to the technical operation of the registry?

Answer: Yes.  Please see the Consolidated Financial Statements.  In addition, our proposal specifies in detail a series of contingency plans so that you can fully evaluate the contingencies we have anticipated.  For those that we did not anticipate, you will note that we have a strong operating reserve.

d. Are you financially prepared to deal with lower than expected numbers of new names being purchased/registrants renewing. What tolerances do you have in your cash projections before being forced to seek further funding?

Answer: Yes, we are prepared to deal with decreases in volume and price.  We built in a 10% decline per year in price to our revenue model, and applied extremely conservative renewal and new registrant rates.  We also left enough margin after operating and capital expenses to account for potential increases in expenses, decreases in revenue, or changes in the aging structure of accounts receivable.

As a final point, I would like to refer you to the governance structure for IMS/ISC, which consists of a highly experienced and respected board of directors.  We have all spent many years operating businesses, particularly 501(c)(3) public works services for the Internet.  In Bucharest I heard one of the other applicants refer to the .org registry as a "nifty revenue stream."  IMS and ISC view .org as a public trust and intend to run it as a real business in the public interest.  You can read the biographies of board members and learn more about our history operating these kinds of services in section C50 of the proposal at

Please feel free to email me at or post here in the forum if you have additional questions.


Carl Malamud
Internet Multicasting Service
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Link: Consolidated Financial Statements for the IMS/ISC Bid

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