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Username: UnityRegistry
Date/Time: Mon, August 5, 2002 at 12:41 AM GMT
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Subject: LETS creator supports Unity Registry


Dear ICANN Board,

I am a private mathematician and systems analyst with inventions some of which I publish on

My insights are theoretically both commercially exploitable but also highly educational in nature.  Hence I anticipate publishing significant software results as .org.

At the same time, I have created the first LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) in London.  During the last few years I have organised the Forum for Stable Currencies which I publish as This monetary analysis makes me acutely aware of the profound necessity for balancing organisational with economic power.

Furthermore, I have had most painful experiences with various domain name registration procedures in different countries.

Having just learned about the Unity Registry, I strongly support their
approach for the following reasons:

1) Stability - I would love to be able to host all of my domain names under .org as a coop member.

2) Differentiation & promotion - Unity Registry offers an excellent plan to differentiate .org from commercial domains. All my life has been spent on social rather than commercial gain and I would LOVE to see the Unity Registry practice a healthy balance between 'charity' and 'profit'.

3) Accountability - to share 'profits' among 'members' is the best possible 'commercial practice' in a capitalist system based on 'credit money' and compound interest.

4) Experience and support - in my original vision of a 'Peace Network' of people and computers protecting our planet, I have known about Poptel since its beginnings.  Hence I very much support their contribution to turn .org into a coop which would solve a lot of problems for a lot of individuals and organisations with an artifical split between 'monetary intentions'.

The Unity Registry is the most intelligent approach to 'economic democracy' that I have seen.  We are advocating it our way through the Forum of Stable Currencies @ the House of Lords in London.

Next week I shall visit the authors of the 'Clearinghouse for Complementary Currencies' and the information about Poptel's ideas for .org adds fuel to my fire for an economically saner world.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use silly 'political arguments' but intelligent logic and analysis when making your decision [and maybe give extra weight to the voice of a multi-lingual woman who studied computing and programming in the sixties].

Sabine Kurjo McNeill
Mature CyberWoman
21a Goldhurst Terrace
London NW6 3HB


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