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Username: DotOrg Foundation
Date/Time: Tue, August 6, 2002 at 3:52 AM GMT
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Subject: Support of the DotOrg Foundation's Concepts from World Reach - Helping Companies Helping the World



World Reach, Inc. (DBA: The Charity Giving Station) is proud to support concepts from the DotOrg Foundation's proposal to operate the .org registry in ways that we believe will benefit the non-commercial community.  We also support the idea of involving the nonprofit sector in future decision making about the .org registry.

We believe that validation is important in the operation of donor organizations and that the concepts and ideas proposed by the DotOrg Foundation will allow us to ensure that donors receive the most up to date and valid charity information.   Post September 11th, we believe there are even more reasons to further validate charities, and we applaud the DotOrg foundation for their vision and commitment to integrity and trust that is needed in non-commercial organizations. 

The creation of the DotOrg Directory that will contain information about .org non-commercial registrants and providing a mechanism for that information to be safely distributed to other organizations that are supporting noncommercial activities is another important initiative that we support.  We believe that the DotOrg Directory, may help to get more money to charities, and help eliminate wasteful expenses of organizations that spend so much money on their databases.

We believe that both validation and the DotOrg Directory are important components in ePhilanthropy that will enhance the level of confidence of Internet users when searching for a ".org", nonprofit, or non-commercial website as well as help to distribute critical information about these groups to the public. 

The concepts put forth by the DotOrg Foundation are important considerations to ensuring that the .org registry is operated in a way that is responsive to the needs, concerns and views of the global nonprofit and philanthropic Internet community.  We further promote more up to date validations of charities to ensure individuals are giving to trustworthy organizations, and likewise, that these deserving organizations are gaining the donors' trust and confidence.  We believe that the DotOrg Foundation's proposal is in the best interest of donors and the organizations who receive donations through ePhilanthropy, and to the general ".Org" community. 

Respectfully Submitted:

Scott C. Baker
President and Executive Director
World Reach, Inc.
DBA: The Charity Giving Station
Helping Companies Helping the World


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