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Username: kentlandfield
Date/Time: Fri, August 16, 2002 at 3:43 AM GMT (Thu, August 15, 2002 at 9:43 PM CST)
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Subject: A selection beneficial for all .ORG domains...


Dear ICANN Board Members,

In order to make a decision as to who should be awarded the .ORG tld registry, please consider the following:

- A not-for-profit organization should be managing a (generally) not-for-profit .ORG tld.

- The selected organization should have proven to be technically qualified and have the experience needed to host the .ORG tld registry.  Clearly, the organization requires a strong understanding of DNS/Bind and the experience in managing critial Internet Domain Name servers.

- The organization should have a history of public service to the Internet community and not simply be a new startup with no history at all with which to base a critical decision on.

- There should be no bias or potential appearance of bias in selection because of organizational history / lineage.

After reviewing all the supplied proposals I wish to express my support, and that of The Internet FAQ Consortium (,, and, for the selection of the IMS/ISC team to manage the registry for the .ORG tld.

The IMS/ISC team is joint effort of people who have a solid background as builders of the Internet's infrastructure.  The projects they have been associated with have enhanced the Internet's viability, reliability, redundancy, ease of use and provided better access to public information. They now propose to do the same for the .ORG tld. The team is well known and respected by those who have been around the Internet for many years. They are not dot-comers who are here only because there is "another opportunity".

This partnership already has the experience needed to drastically improve the .ORG tld. They have experience in operating a root server. They are currently providing DNS hosting for 19 ccTLDs, 3 legacy gTLDs, and the F root server.  They have produced and continue to support the BIND software, the critical software running most domain name servers globally. They know the domain name system extremely well. This is not a case of just "an opportunity", as seems to be the case with a few of the proposals.  This is a case of "a real passion" to improve the .ORG tld.

IMS/ISC team members are experienced Internet pioneers. They have been active in the Internet community for over 20 years.  During that time, they have designed, authored, and maintained some of the most innovative and critically useful software and services. At the same time, they assured the software they developed was freely available to all.  This has been an important item that helped fuel the growth of the net. Additionally, they understand service to the global community. Besides their direct involvement with producing and or supporting BIND, DHCP, and INN software, they also provide hosting for the various projects such as Lynx Web Browser, the NetBSD Foundation, the OpenLDAP Foundation, the IETF User Services Area, the XFree86 Project, and the Linux Kernel Archives.  The team understands large scale database development and management. Their history with the SEC and USPTO made important public information truly public. These efforts are proving even more important given today's environment.

The IMS/ISC team is a not-for-profit organization and will not be under the same pressures a "For-profit-based" organization would be.  The selection of the IMS/ISC team will be extremely beneficial for all .ORG sites. With profit removed from the equation, their primary focus will be on improving services and support for the .ORG tld.  The IMS/ISC team will be able to grow the domain from a perspective of value, not revenue...

One of the candidate proposals describes how they are already looking at additional ways to generate more revenue.  The IMS/ISC proposal however, documents an "Intent to Donate" to the IETF and IAB. This shows the IMS/ISC's commitment to the Internet's continued growth. It  is also a unique approach to assuring ongoing Internet standards work for infrastructure improvements.

As their history has shown, they are extremely technologically talented, innovative, highly ethical and focused on enhancing the foundation on which the Internet rests.

Comparing the proposals side by side, it is extremely clear the IMS/ISC proposal provides the best future for the .ORG tld and those of us who exist within it.

                              Kent Landfield



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