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Username: DotOrg Foundation
Date/Time: Sat, August 24, 2002 at 9:40 PM GMT
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Subject: DotOrg Foundation Asks for Clarification Re CIO Report


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The DotOrg Foundation appreciates that the task of evaluating eleven detailed proposals for the operation of the .org registry is a difficult and complex one. We also understand that the Academic CIO Team was asked to prepare only a brief report and that they had limited time to complete their evaluation. However, we are perplexed by the Academic CIO Team's rating of our bid's technology as "marginal" and we would appreciate some clarification. We raise this concern because we received a "top five" technology rating in the more detailed Gartner analysis, and also because the RegisterOrg bid was given an "acceptable" technology rating by the Academic CIO Team. The RegisterOrg and DotOrg Foundation bids have identical technology components, with Registry Advantage as the common technical element, so it does not make any sense why our ratings should be so divergent. Complicating our interpretation of the Academic CIO Team's report is the absence of any detail regarding how specific bids were ranked. We are unable to determine the specific reasons behind the rankings, so we cannot address any misunderstandings that may have occurred during the Academic CIO Team's one and a half day evaluation session. We wanted to post this message in advance of the August 29 deadline for comments on the Preliminary Staff Report with the goal of resolving this uncertainty as soon as possible.

Thank you. Marshall Strauss
DotOrg Foundation


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