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Username: psbyowner
Date/Time: Fri, September 13, 2002 at 12:27 AM GMT
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Subject: thecontradiction is this...


      ..."the new .ORG Registry should be a neutral entity.  ... ICANN should seek a .ORG Registry that will manage .ORG in a completely fair, unbiased and balanced manner, taking into account the interests and concerns of the entire .ORG community, both large and small non-commercial organizations and all segments of the registrar community.  Favoritism, cronyism and parochialism should be avoided at all costs."

........and the contradiction>

... ".ORG should be responsive to and representative of the non-commercial community for which it stands.  ICANN should ensure that a broad cross section of the non-commercial community itself will play an important advisory role in the ongoing operation of the new .ORG Registry.  Because of the growing importance of domain names and websites to non-profits, it is imperative that the community have a powerful say in future policies affecting all aspects of the .ORG top level domain, including decisions concerning the technological functionality of the sites themselves."


.  ICANN should ensure that the new .ORG Registry is committed to taking all necessary steps to preserve and enhance the non-commercial identity of the .ORG domain.  As the world of top-level Internet domains becomes ever more segmented and competitive, it’s essential that we preserve the unique “branded” identity of .ORG.   Any blurring of the lines in this regard will cause long-term damage to .ORG’s identity and impact, and to the broad non-commercial community which it symbolizes."

No argument here; just dont hinder the rights of those who currently (and I stress, CURRENTLY) own and use .org for purposes other than strictly "non-profit organization"


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