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Username: Brett
Date/Time: Fri, September 20, 2002 at 9:05 PM GMT
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Subject: Is Neustar the type of company to.....?


        I have been asking myself this question quite a bit recently.  Would I trust them with .org?  Would I want to do business with them?  Will they follow through one whats promised?  The answer for me is no. 

I was amused that their presentation in Bucharest left zero seconds on the clock for questions (Vinton Cerf: "I'm impressed. You managed to go precisely 15 minutes. No time for questions.")  Clearly planned and well rehearsed to avoid questions.

And when the preliminary staff report recommended the Internet Society, Neustar's five volume rebutal seemed a bit excessive.  Was this panic?

And finally, they are quick to point out having raised US$130M, or that they have US$30M in cash.  Put in context, while impressive it is old information and not of much use in the here and now.  Its over time, or as of 31-12-01 with regards to cash on hand.  On the same balance sheet in their proposal, they also had US$30 in accounts payable and accruals.  Doesn't that mean they are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.  I have also read that some of the US$130M raised was actually in the form of a loan against future income.  This was pointed out as a common practice in the Telecom sector in the most recent Deloite tech Trend report.  That is a recipe for distater in today's economic environment.

And finally, there are some pretty interesting if not amusing comments in the attached discussion thread.  Certainly you have to look past the fowl language and take it at face value.  If nothing else, it will make you wonder if Neustar is the sort of company you want to have operate .org.



Link: Neustar - Old Neus : Rumor has it Neustar laid off another 65 people, this is on top of 40 laid off two weeks ago.

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