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Username: Blueberry Hill
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 1:04 AM GMT
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Subject: Blueberry Hill Communications Proposal


        As one of the applicants for a new TLD, we appreciate all those who have participated in the discussion surrounding the potential granting of a .kids extension. The upcoming ICANN decision to broaden the availability of top level domain names will greatly influence the future direction of the Internet.  We believe strongly that the .kids extension will be among those selected and wish all applicants much success.

Since the posting of applications, we have had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Moraitis, a young man from Mr. Moratis has great insight and good ideas for providing assistance to the grantee for a .kids registry.

In Mr. Moraitis' posting, six items are mentioned that he feels need to be a part of any .kids proposal to make it successful.  I would like to take a moment to address these six items.

Mr. Moraitis first mentions the need to actively involve a broad range of young people in the development and implementation of the .kids proposal.  Blueberry Hill Communications agrees with this insight and have provided a position on our Advisory Board for a young adult.  Our goal for the .kids extension is to promote and provide a safe and healthy Internet environment for kids.  To that end, the input of young
adults is imperative.  We ask that all kids and young adults around the world contribute their advice, suggestions and ideas.

The second notion in the posting is to allow kids themselves to create content for the .kids web sites. Great Idea!  We  would love to see companies allow kids to assist in the creation of their web sites. If Kelloggs, Standford University and Disney want to get the attention of young adults and plant the seed of education and employment at their school or business, then the site must have a child's touch. It would be great to see those organizations provide the opportunity for kids to learn how to create content, to provide a place to create something that they can call their own. There are many children who are not as fortunate as others with regard to access. We will support them by providing a place for kids to learn the tools needed for their Internet future.

Thirdly, Mr. Moraitis suggests involvement from groups like "UNICEF" and Save the Children. We would like nothing more than to see "UNICEF", Operation Kids or Save the Children participate in the .kids registry.  Our proposal allocates a portion of the total revenue generated to fund such organizations.

Mr. Moraitis also suggests that registrars consider exchanging community service hours for registration, allowing children to help their community and in return receive a .kids domain name.  This idea would allow the less fortunate to participate in the Internet's growth.  We believe all registrars should examine this idea.

In item five, Mr. Moraitis states that he would like to see a commitment to multi-lingualism and cultural nuances.  We agree. The CEO of Blueberry Hill Communications not only holds a Bachelor of Science degree, but also holds a  Masters degree in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird). He has lived and worked in Austria and Hungary and completed his education at the Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland. We believe this extension is a global extension and would encourage more discussion on this issue from all children, parents, companies and schools around the world.

Lastly, Mr. Moraitis suggest registrars make a commitment to charity.  This suggestion has been addressed thoroughly in our application.  We believe and have provided for the involvement of charitable organizations, Congress, parents, business, schools, kids, teachers in the growth of the extension.

We welcome feedback regarding our proposal. Please address comments to the ICAAN website and/or to our email address listed below.


Meachele LeFlar
Executive Assistant to the President
Blueberry Hill Communications, Inc.



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