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Username: dansokol
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 1:41 AM GMT
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Subject: PRESS RELEASE - Comments from Steve Wozniak


October 26, 2000 - TIBURON, CALIFORNIA:


Introduction:  Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer,
reviewed the proposal for the .yp Top Level Domain.

When the idea for the dotYP Top Level Domain (.yp) was
presented to me by the founders, I was impressed by the
technical ingenuity as well as the promise of continuing a trend
that goes back 25 years. At Apple we tried to make a technical
difference that empowered the individual beyond expected limits.
dotYP solves some fundamental problems facing the growth of
the web, and it does it with some neat technology that doesn't
alter the existing DNS system.

The web is all about open communications. The more people
who can connect, the greater the benefits for everyone
connected. dotYP is exciting because it opens communications
where there previously was a limit. dotYP proves that limits to the
web are artificial, and in the end, counterproductive.

dotYP is proposing a global Top Level Domain (gTLD) called
".yp" (or .ypi, .ypa, .find) to create an international directory service
for organizations and businesses worldwide. By combining
international telephone directories with on-line capabilities, and
allowing context-sensitive searching capability as part of the
URL, anyone will be able to find any organization or business

dotYP avoids the privacy and intellectual property problems with
current URLs. With dotYP, trademarks and name protection are
built in. I know that many people will appreciate that dotYP chose
not to provide residential listings due to privacy concerns. Once
the issues are cleared up, dotYP technology could support these

dotYP lowers the barrier of entry to anyone who can pay for a
business telephone. They don't need to have the assets of a
large business, multinational company, or state-owned
enterprise, which is the requirement to get a decent .com URL.
That's a big improvement from the land rush mentality for
registering a domain.

The technology behind dotYP is surprisingly simple and that's
the beauty of it. dotYP combines a Domain Name Service (DNS)
protocol with a context- and geography- based search of every
telephone (and perhaps web) directory worldwide. dotYP will be
available by web query via an extension to the existing name
service lookup.

I can use my web browser, a even one of the new wireless
devices, to enter a topic, the location, and .yp. dotYP then serves
me a page listing the organizations' names, addresses, phone
numbers and URLs. For example, if I wanted glasses near
where I live, I might type glasses.losgatos.yp. dotYP is flexible
enough that I could enter optician.95030.yp and get the same
answers. I can choose the geographic search criteria using mail
code, area code, neighborhood name, not just city name, which
if you live in a suburban area, are drawn along pretty arbitrary

dotYP also acknowledges that we live in a big world. If I'm
traveling in Japan I can't use a paper phone directory to find an
electronics store in the Akihabara, I don't read Japanese Kanji.
Someone in Japan shouldn't have to use English letters to enter
a URL. dotYP supports double byte characters like Arabic and
Chinese, and can also support translations. You could easily do
a search from anywhere to anywhere. In essence, dotYP will
provide a public service, a commercial utility, a value-added
resource, and a boon for the Internet at large.

Other registration systems have to set a limit on the number of
domains. Competition then becomes limited to the largest, most
entrenched industrial players. Commercial services must cater
to the best funded and most visible, so they end up being
beholden to special interests with the biggest checkbooks in the
richest countries.

Allowing everyone to participate equally supports everything I've
always believed about technology. I've been fortunate to travel to
many countries where technology is changing the status quo.
The dotYP service adds to the growing trend for developing
nations to open the Internet for greater public access. Non-
governmental private ventures can play a greater role in both
internal and external trade. The lower barriers to entry mean that
nearly everyone gets to participate in the benefits of global
communication, regardless of wealth or the size of your

I hope that ICANN takes the time to carefully consider the dotYP
submission. If they do, they'll realize that dotYP offers something
completely different than the traditional registration systems.
Giving everyone in the world equal access to a new technology is
an idea that I'm pleased to lend my support.


Monsoon Assets Limited is a British Virgin Islands company
doing business as dotYP Inc. in the United States. The company
is the registered applicant for the .yp, .ypi, .ypa and .find TLDs to
ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers - The company was formed in BVI to offer
services around the world.



Frank Corsini
dotYP Inc (Monsoon Assets Ltd)



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