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Username: co-opkid
Date/Time: Mon, November 13, 2000 at 7:01 PM GMT
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Subject: .coop


Congratulations to ICANN for recognizing the need of a .co-op TLD. This is a financially as well as technically sound decison.
Co-op development comes in waves and our sector is currently beginning to experience another batch of co-op development. This sector is getting bigger all the time and co-ops are largely recognized for their ethical principles. The public likes co-ops and I believe it is accurate to say they want to know which businesses are co-ops. This domain name gives us a better ability to market our co-opness and increases our competitiveness in the free market. This competitiveness is good for everyone because as we all know a strong market demands competition to keep business innovative and cost effective.
The .co-op tld will have a tremendous impact on the co-op sector and all who use it , which is nearly everyone. Co-ops have always existed to serve their users and this TLD will enhance those serfvices.

I whole heartedly encourage ICANN to move forward with the .co-op TLD.

Matt Little

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