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Date/Time: Wed, November 15, 2000 at 3:24 AM GMT (Tue, November 14, 2000 at 11:24 PM EDT)
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Subject: Name.Space Response to ICANN Review


        Dear ICANN Board of Directors,

Name.Space has reviewed the ICANN staff
comments on our TLD Registry
application.  We recognize that the
staff report raises concern about
scalability of our systems, experience
of our staff, and capitalization.

This letter is to assure you that the
Name.Space board of directors has
discussed these issues and is prepared
to act proptly to adequately address and
remedy them.

Regarding scalability, Name.Space will
engage Andersen Consulting to draft a
report and recommendation to the ICANN
Board of Directors.

Regarding experience, Name.Space is in
the process of negotiation with a large
ISP and dataservice provider to set up
mirror and backup facilities for the
Name.Space registry, and to provide
expertise in large scale database

Regarding capitalization, Name.Space is
engaged in advanced talks with another
company to supply between 2 and 5
million dollars in capital based on
certain assumptions and milestones.

Name.Space stands behind the TLDs that
it publishes and operates and expects
that those TLDS will become globally
recognized at some point in time, with
Name.Space as the primary operator.
Name.Space will ask ICANN to recommend
the inclusion of its TLDs into the
legacy root to the NTIA once it has
produced satisfactory documentation and
satisfied the necessary reasonable
criteria set forth by ICANN.

Name.Space is willing to introduce its
TLDs in stages, and will produce a
revised business and operational plan
that factors a phase-in of TLDs over a
period of time.  That plan will include
a registry/registrar (wholesale/retail)
model with Name.Space as the wholesale
registry provider servicing the
registrar/reseller market.

Since 1996 Name.Space has invested and
marketed the TLDs that it publishes and
operates and will defend its
intellectual property rights to those
TLDs as well as its right to publish and
operate registry services for said TLDs.
Name.Space is prepared to hold
discussions with ICANN to secure that
Name.Space's interest in the TLDs that
it publishes and operates as well as
secure that Name.Space's interest in
said TLDs is protected in an operational
and proper way.

Name.Space is confident that we can
reach a workable relationship with
ICANN, and that such will be fruitful
for the internet and other registrars
and end users who will benefit from the
rich TLD diversity and low prices that
Name.Space offers.


Paul Garrin
Name.Space, Inc.



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