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Username: peacenet
Date/Time: Wed, November 15, 2000 at 8:45 PM GMT
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Subject: Some Recommendations of KRNIC on new gTLDs!


Numbers and Name Committee of Korea Network Information Center had decided a recommendation to ICANN in last meeting of Nov. 3 as follows.

Some Recommendations on New gTLDs

1. ICANN should select as many and diverse gTLDs as possible. This will allow the Internet community including ICANN to examine possible impacts of the introduction of new gTLDs and ensure the steady continuation of further introduction of new gTLDs in future.

2. One or more gTDLs competing with or comparable to .com domain should be selected. It will resolve many problems existing in the .com name space such as over-population, limited availability of meaningful names, etc.

3. A variety of geographical locations of registry operation should be top priority.

4. Some applications for new gTLDs are closely related with specific
region names such as .asia and .africa. If these gTLDs are to be handled directly by one single entity, especially commercial one, it could result in conflicts with other potential stakeholders in future. Therefore, without any positive concession and consensus from them, this type of gTLDs should not be accepted.

5. ICANN should consider a different approach for new gTLDs representing public interest or non-profit groups. For instance, ICANN could select new gTLDs and invite tenders with a special contract condition.

6. The total sum of the non-refundable fee of USD $50,000 for the
submission of an application should be much more lowered. It is a
fundamental barrier to the entry into the proposal process. The fee must be determined following the analysis of expenditure details in scrutiny.

7. To keep the coherent principle in all gTLDs, two existing gTLDs, .gov, and .mil, should be transformed to the 2nd level subdomains of .us domain.



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