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Username: labdir
Date/Time: Wed, November 15, 2000 at 11:36 PM GMT
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Subject: The scientific community needs a .LAB TLD


                                                I support the application by, Inc to register ".lab" and ".labs" TLD's.  The scientific community requires a unique TLD in which they can rally behind.  Millions of scientists throughout the world publish billions of web pages every year.  Scientists in research, pharmaceutical, medical, and industrial laboratories would benefit greatly from a .lab TLD.

Scientists throughout the world will become unified behind the idea of a .lab TLD.  Once it is known that the .lab TLD is under future consideration by ICCAN, I believe that there will be considerable pressure to support the Name.Space application.

The early pioneers of the Internet were scientists.  They started their work in computer laboratories and perfected it in research laboratories.  Scientists were practicing research, exchanging information, and utilizing the Internet as a resource in the mid 1980's, long before the Internet became popular. 

The research community is the most proficient group of practitioners on the web.  They range in size from small, one member, university-based operations to massive, multinatioanl conglomerates.  Virtually every material that is manufactured, grown, or exploited in the world requires some form of analysis that takes place in a laboratory.  Food, water, metals, human specimens, house paint, clothing, chemicals, minerals, and many more products are either analyzed or produced in a laboratory.

While the laboratory community is extremely diverse, it should also be stated that laboratories throughout the world have a unique identity.  Scientists and laboratory personnel will not identify with ".biz", ".web", ".nom", ".geo", "union", "museum", "info", "air", etc.  Scientists, the pioneers of the Internet, already do not identify with ".com" and ".edu" because these names do not provide an adequate description.

There is no proposed TLD that describes the scientific community better than ".lab".  Let us hope that that this TLD is not dismissed in the future. 


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