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Username: kodo
Date/Time: Fri, June 1, 2001 at 6:10 AM GMT (Fri, June 1, 2001 at 1:10 AM EST)
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Subject: My proposal -


Since Network Solutions (VeriSign) is the incumbent and has had a Goverment sponsored monopoly of the DNS for 6 years - they should be prohibited from profitting from this venture until true competition can be established. The ICANN Board squatters should be asked to immediately step down.

Just because I currently support the ideas of the alternative roots does not mean that we should get rid of ICANN entirely. But, we do need a complete reorganization of ICANN with public accountability.

The reason that I support the alt.roots is that they believe that the market should determine the demand for new TLDs. ICANN should be ultimately responsible for the Root servers (NOT VERISIGN!). Every single Board Member of ICANN should be a publically elected official with strict term limits.

ICANN should have a reasonable application process whereby any group or company can add a new unique TLD into the Root. Then, all the accredited registrars would be allowed to sell the TLD. There should be no "Sunrise" period, it is strictly first-come-first-served. If you are stupid enough to infringe on someones trademark the UDRP should be sufficient to resolve the problem (with the courts being the last resort). There should be hundreds of new TLDs.

VeriSign would have no more advantage that Dotster, or any other registrar. In fact that is what they would be - just another registrar. When someone registers a domain name, ICANN would get the $6 fee to be used for administration of the system.

In this model -- there would be one Root with hundreds or thousands of TLDs. It is owned by the people of the world and managed by ICANN. Everyone who is running an "alternative root" and completes the application process would simply have their proposed strings added to the ICANN root. If the string did not meet minimum usage requirements, ICANN would have the right to remove it. A process link this is fair, democratic and prevents abuse from artificial scarcity.

The biggest problem with the whole TLD process right now is that VeriSign is calling the shots. They are using ICANN and the DoC to protect their monopoly. They are extorting money from us in the biggest racketeering scheme ever!

Some people say let's start over. Others are saying let's fix the problems with ICANN. Here is a good quote that I saw:

"I assert that where we see a vacuum of competence and fairness, others see a vacuum of power and revenue. In any throw-it-away-and-start-over model, the 'others' will most likely win."

The first step towards fixing the "problem" is removing VeriSign.



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