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Username: Joanna Lane
Date/Time: Fri, June 1, 2001 at 5:33 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN Policy on Public Comments


Whereas the ICANN archive at comprises
three distinct  elements, each posted on a different day, but
noted as posted together on 28 May 2001:-

1) Discussion Draft: A Unique, Authoratitive Root for the DNS,
posted 28 May

2) Note to the ICANN Community by Stuart Lynn, posted 29 May

3) Public Comment Forum, posted 1 June 2001 (?)

Whereas between May 28 2001 and June 1 2001, many
comments about item numbered 1 above were posted by
members of the ICANN community to various official DNSO
mailing lists, also published by other media in the public

It is therefore apparent that the historical context in which some
comments are made by the community cannot be relied upon.

For the purposes of historical accuracy, and the avoidance of
doubt that ICANN may tamper retrospectively with substantive
documents in its own archive, I call upon members of the
General Assembly of the DNSO and the Internet Community to
urge ICANN to note all updates as and when they are made to
specific URLs for all to see.

Joanna Lane



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