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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Fri, June 1, 2001 at 8:45 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN vs.


       ICANN has made a unexcusable mistake, when they selected
dot biz as a new gtld. This was not done without any public
interference, it was done neglecting all public interference that
occured. You may want to check the respective fora.

"Unlike the organization that hosts this public forum really
only is after a quick buck"

... well, well and why did ICANN agree to the new contract with Verisign,
which allows them to keep their monopoly in dot com? Isn't Verisign
going to pay ICANN "some bucks" and continuing to intensely "sponsor"
Do these "bucks" have a different smell?

"[...] and does so by disrespecting rules that have been formed in
mostly very time consuming processes of which some with the same
amount of "wories" and "trouble" as the currect extension of TLD's."

... as ICANN does, creating a collision in the tld space ... isn't a governing body like ICANN, so I can understand their
point of view. But ICANN should definitely start reading the comments
in their fora and use a dictionary to make sure we are all talking
about the same thing, when using terms like "bottom up process"
and "stability".

Hopefully we are not yet talking about religion when talking about
ICANN. I don't want to become banned for blasphemy ... (yes, this
comes close to sarcasm. Sorry.)



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