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Username: Anion
Date/Time: Fri, June 1, 2001 at 10:08 PM GMT
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Subject: Irrational


    I am not sure I completely understand your arguement. What you say is that we need an experiment based system that evolves, much like the English language. Surely, you are not proposing that we apply this to governance. Creating new overlaping governments periodically, like we create words and seeing how they fare would lead to absolute chaos and anarchy. Are you proposing that as experiments a few ordinary residents of Orange County California and the Napa valley should create their own government replete with their own military,police and legal system as experiments? and that others living in San Jose, San Franscisco and Los Angelos should do the same?

ICANN's primary role is governing the internet name space, not the technical integration which they speak of. Alternative TLDs are the opposition to ICANN's backward czarist policy and autocratic rule. While there needs to be only one root system, like there needs to be only one Amerian Government, ICANN's should not rule that system any more than the Czar should rule Russia. Perhaps a consortium of alternative root systems such as and IOD would do a much better job.

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